A list of some small public projects made by me

This webpage

I bought this domain in mid 2020, planning to make a simple (but cool) website, but it hasn't been until Christmas of the same year that I started to program it. As I didn't want to spend too much time working on it, I used Bootstrap Studio (thanks to GitHub student plan), with some plugins and also code made by myself to make the front-end view of the website.

The back-end is very simple, as this webpage is almost static. As I am writing this, this page is hosted on Firebase with a free plan, so there isn't any processing of any kind of data. (That's why you haven't accepted any 3rd party cookies!)

I am currently not planning of doing any upgrade to this site, apart from keeping up to date some projects that I do in my free time. So don't expect a lot of changes in here.

Music compositions

As I was getting more and more music skills, I started to write some songs. The main goal there was to play them on live in an event at the school music. I have all the records of the songs, but as you may understand, I can't post them in here because other people also appear in the videos, and I don't have their permissions.

What I can show you though, is the midi-exported files of some songs. For the first songs I made, I lost the files, so you will get the live sound and a photocopy of some scores. Obviously, it isn't the same as the full video, but you can get an idea of all the instruments, melodies, chords, etc.

Low Flight - Feb.2020 - Score PDF

Looking at the grass - Feb.2019- Score PDF

La segona versió (Live) - Feb.2018 - Score PDF

The Skyline (Live) - Feb. 2017 - Score PDF

Behind every song, there is a long story and tons of work. You will surely see that my level is improving from year to year, and that was the purpose of making these songs. And in terms of copyright, I let you use them if you give some credit to me ;).

Arduino FM Radio

I made this for a school project back in 2018. It's an Arduino-powered FM radio. Using the TEA5767 module, an LCD, an amplifier, some buttons for changing the frequency and muting/unmuting the device, two speakers, an output jack and a little bit of coding, I have been able to demonstrate some of my early skills at school.

I had some issues during the building process of the box itself, as my main plan was to build it on a 3D model, but the 3D printer was not working properly, and I had to finish it on a wood-style box.

You can check out the paper of this project containing all the necessary instructions if you want to recreate it at (content in Catalan).

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